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RomaRo Ray SX ZERO Golf Wedges: Forged, CNC Milled Face, 48-60 Degree Steel Shaft Sand Wedges


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Introducing the new RomaRo Ray SX ZERO Golf Wedges, specially designed to take your short game to the next level. These forged wedges feature a precision CNC-milled face, ensuring exceptional spin and control on every shot.

With loft options ranging from 48 to 60 degrees, you can customize your wedge setup to suit your playing style and course conditions. The steel shaft provides excellent stability and consistency, allowing for precise shots around the greens and in the sand.

The RomaRo Ray SX ZERO wedges are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in exceptional feel and performance. The CNC-milled face creates consistent spin and enhanced accuracy, giving you the confidence to attack the pin with precision.

Whether you’re facing a delicate chip shot or a challenging bunker shot, these wedges provide the versatility and control you need to navigate any situation. The optimized weight distribution and sole design promote forgiveness and help you maintain stability through impact.

Upgrade your short game arsenal with the RomaRo Ray SX ZERO Golf Wedges. Experience the superior craftsmanship and performance that RomaRo is known for. Take your wedge play to new heights and elevate your scoring potential with these exceptional golf clubs.

Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 96 × 13 × 7 cm
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Mainland China



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Right Handed



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